Friday, 17 December 2010

Snow glorious snow!

Now you wouldn't think a crafter's life would be that influenced by the winter weather, would you? After all, we work indoors(mainly), in the warm (covered by our hand-knitted blankets of course) snacks, hot drinks and entertainment all to hand (provided the remote isn't out of reach). However, on the first day of the last big freeze I nipped out in the car to my local yarn shop for more supplies for a (paid!) job I was working on. Admittedly it was a little slippy on the way there but in the five minutes it took me to buy my wares, the snow started falling enthusiastically making the climb up a small hill impossible, despite wielding my trusty spade. I slithered the car round and tried the main road. It was 11.30. The traffic didn't move. After 3 hours we'd reached Sutton (about a mile and a half). Stationery again. 4 hours later - yippee we'd reached Cheam (another mile and a half). 3 more hours - climbing the hill near Epsom College - so close to home but ..... can't quite make it and have to abandon car and walk. And do you know what really annoyed me? If only I'd bought some needles with the yarn I could have had a really productive day! Happy Christmas.

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