Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A new adventure

Last Monday I had exciting news - Craft in Focus had offered me a stand at their Craft & Design Experience show at Wisley RHS gardens in November this year. This was dream news! This year I decided to take my business - for me it is that as well as full-time enjoyment - forward, to use these difficult economic times to reposition myself, take myself upmarket, perfect my products and reach a new audience.
Having spent the previous 12 months spending many hours sitting in village halls trying to sell my handcrafted corsages, gifts and decorations I'd come to the conclusion that not only did I need a bigger audience but I also needed the right audience. Despite adding new products, keeping prices reasonable and quality high, the sales just weren't there. So I sought out events which only promoted handmade items, vetted exhibitors to ensure that was the case and where the presentation of the show looked great and attracted large footfall. Craft in Focus shows (and, to be fair, a few others) offered this combination and the added bonus was that they have a twice-yearly show at the RHS gardens in Wisley, Surrey, a place I had known and loved for many years.
Oh yes, I hear you cry, and what about the cost? Yes, you don't get something for nothing in life, it is 'expensive' compared to little local events but therein lies the rub, as they say. BIG QUESTION: is this a hobby or a business? If it's a business then it needs investment to succeed - high quality raw materials, high quality crafting, high quality sales venue. So I took the plunge, got the place and this blog will be the story of my journey to Wisley. More soon.

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