Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Craft in Focus Wisley November 2011 update

Well it's a month since I last blogged about this. I'm still really excited but it's been time to get down to the practicalities and do some serious planning - and making. In a funny way the making is the easy bit. I love my products, I love choosing the raw materials and I love making. Easy. But I can't take everything I make because space is limited so choices have to be made. So how to choose. Well here a book I read recently (Light my Firebrand by Mike Symes) came in to play. Choose the products which most reflect me and what I stand for - handmade, detailed, textured, colour coordinated, fragrant. So out went mobile covers, knitted purses, fluffy cushions; definites are corsages, lavender bags, felt gingerbread man, textile greetings cards, new extensions of these will be rose petal bags, Flippo the felt penguin and bunting. The jury's still out on the hand-decorated jute bags and my latest 'play' - pot holders combining knitting and fabric. The first sells really well but I'm not sure whether it says enough about my brand, the second definitely fits my product criteria but I haven't tried to sell them yet. I'll finish off my first batch and try them out at my next fair (Cats Protection Open Day 17th July).

Displaying the products in the right way is just as important I think as the products themselves so I've been looking online at card stands, slatwall, boards, frames, hooks - you name it, I've looked at it. And then there's packaging - bags, boxes, cards, labels. Will the card machine work? Help! Yes, I'll need help to set up, take down and sell. Volunteers needed!

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