Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Craft in Focus Wisley November 2011 update

Well, it's been more than a month since I last posted on this and nothing major seems to have happened but some decisions have been made. I'm sticking with the products I've already chosen (see last month's update blog) and have decided not to take the pot holders. Not only did I not get them finished for the Cats Protection fair (mainly because I couldn't find the lead for my sewing machine in time) but I think they're out of kilter with the gift emphasis of Christmas and will fit better with some ideas I have around coordinating homeware.
The missing lead brings me neatly to this month's theme: organisation! August is a completely free month - no fairs, holiday taken and enjoyed, so this is to be my main making month. I have worked out how many of each item I want to make and am working on each product approximately one day a week each whilst at the same time trying to keep the proportion of completed stock about the same for each category - don't want to end up with too much of one and not enough of another.
Am also trying to have a routine for each day - walking the dog, doing chores (absolute minimum on this one), keeping up with exercise (aqua particularly welcome in this hot weather) being fitted in with the making - although have to have some flexibility because the weather also affects what I can do - knitting and humidity don't mix well, dark thundery days not good for fine needlework. And after all this is the summer holidays so am also allowing for some time out with my daughter which is good for keeping me grounded and sane.
By the end of this month I'm hoping I'll have around three quarters of my target stock made - check in again to find out if I succeed. Happy Holidays, Love Alison

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  1. Good luck with all your's always good to set goals...even if we fall short of them...I always seem to set myself too many and so I do often run out of days...rather that than being bored hey...
    Warm greetings from south Africa...