Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Craft in Focus Wisley November 2011 update

It's been far too long since I blogged on this - sorry folks! Today I read a very thought-provoking article by Guy Watson of Riverford Organics who supply my lovely veg. It's entitled 'a better way of doing business' and I discovered we have several things in common in our approach to our work. We prefer quality over quantity, we value and prefer to work with people who share our philosophy (he calls it respectful cooperation)and we constantly strive to improve.
All of these things underlie my big decision this year to move away from small 'village hall' events and aim for high quality venues and organisers like Craft in Focus who attract people prepared to pay for carefully crafted handmade goods produced in this country.
So where have I got to? Well, I didn't quite reach my target of 75% of stock made by the end of August - I was a bit too ambitious there! - but I have made great inroads and the production line is still moving along nicely.
What I've given hours of thought and research to is how to display my goods, from the hardware of tables and stands to the minutiae of boxes, bags and labels. I've had helpful input from fellow crafters and my daughter and picked up useful tips from Facebook, other blogs and magazines. I've drawn my Wisley stand as a plan, from the front and the side to try to see it as visitors will and to make best use of the space.
I'd love to blog on but the production line is calling - today it's Christmas cards - I'm sewing buttons and beads on to fabric printed with stylised Christmas trees - slightly odd in an Indian summer but will take advantage of this lovely sunshine to capture a few pics which I'll put on Lavender Heart's Facebook page later in the week. Bye for now. Love Alison

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