Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New Year - Resolutions or not?

Do you make New Year resolutions?  I don't but when I read in my trusty Thesaurus that resolution also means determination, perseverance, purpose and intention I thought I'd ditch the 'I'll only eat chocolate on Fridays' and 'I'm going to the gym 5 times a week' kind of resolution and focus on the purposeful kind instead.  

Spurred on by Helen Lindop's Business Blogging for Beginners (available to download from Amazon) I'm determined this year to make more use of all the social media but that of course requires organisation, something I'm not generally known for!  So here goes with Alison's Alphabet Resolution.

A is for ALPACA, my favourite yarn to knit with and for ANIMAL BUNTING which I thought I'd try out as a new product.

B is for said BUNTING (lots of new kinds) and for BLOGGING which I'm resolved to do more regularly.

C is for CORSAGES, still my best-selling product, CAT BUTTONS from Injabulo which were the most popular choice when I was exhibiting with CRAFT IN FOCUS at Wisley in November, and CUSTOMERS, (otherwise known as VIPs).

D is for DRAWING a new template for Bunbury Bunny.

E is for ETSY (should I open a shop?), EXTENDING my range (got to keep things fresh) and EXHIBITING where I get to meet lovely customers.

F is for FABRIC, FACEBOOK pages (Lavender Heart and GoodEnoughToFrame if you want a peek) and FLIPPO who made his mark in 2011 and will return again this year.

G is for GINGIE, now entering his fifth year - what colour should his jumper be in 2012?

H is for HANDMADE (everything I do), HAND-PAINTED YARNS which I love and HANDBAG MIRRORS (another little idea churning away).

I is for INJABULO, whose lovely buttons have graced many of my corsages (, IPOD COVER (thinking of making some) and INDIVIDUALITY, the essence of handmade.

J is for the JOY of making each and every item I sell.

K is for KNITTING (where would I be without it?) and KINDLE COVER  which I'm also thinking of trying out.

L is for LAVENDER HEART (, LAVENDER BAGS, LAVENDER and the LOVE I put into everything I make.

M is for MELISSA'S CERAMICS (find her on Facebook), whose beautiful buttons I use in my corsages and especially her lovely butterflies which gave me a new dimension to my framed greetings cards.

N is for NEW DESIGNS and a NOTEBOOK to put them in.

O is for OYSTER CARD HOLDER (thanks for the idea Marian), new OUTLETS for my items and an OLYMPIC version of Bunbury Bunny.

P is for PURSES and a PARALYMPIC version of Bunbury Bunny.

Q is for QUALITY not QUANTITY, which handmade embraces.

R is for ROSE-FILLED BAGS which smell gorgeous.

S is for STOCK (enough of!), STOCKWELL CERAMICS porcelain buttons ( which I love and SHIPS (you'll have to wait for Christmas 2012 for this one).

T is for my TEXTILE GREETINGS CARDS (thinking of adding some knitting to them this year) and TWITTER (@Aliscrafty) which I've discovered I love.

U is for UNRAVEL, the first lovely yarn show of the year on at Farnham Maltings 25th-26th February. 

V is for VARIEGATED YARN (my favourite), VISION, VITALITY (needed in abundance!) and a new VACUUM CLEANER which doesn't clog up when I clean up bits of fabric and thread.

W is for my WEBSITE (

X is for XMAS events - yes, already thinking about those ...

Y is for YARN, all kinds, all colours, just love it, and, finally (are you still with me?)

Z is for zzzzzzz........  sleep.  No, that's for me when I've finished this. 

So that's my alphabet resolution - a little bit of organisation goes a long way I hope.  Let me know how you're going to tap into the determination, perseverance and purpose to keep your business on the right track this year and keep in touch - all ideas and feedback are welcome.

Here's to a great 2012.  Lots of love, Alison


  1. That's brilliant! :D I wish you all the best with your goals, and I'm looking forward to following you on your journey! I hope you and Rebecca are well, and you had a lovely Christmas and New Year :)

    Etsy-wise, I say go for it! Different people have different experiences, and a lot of it is down to luck and getting the right exposure, but it does have the benefit of having a lot of traffic and getting a lot of hits, making it easier for people to stumble across you :)

  2. Thanks Amy, I'm planning to give it a go. Just wish I could take better pics. Must add that to my reading matter.

  3. Great ideas Alison, I agree - I think we have to be part of the socail media thing to progress with our businesses (hence all the facebook activity!) good luck and keep blogging.x