Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Working from home

There's been much discussion in recent days about the need or desire for many people to work from home during the forthcoming Olympics.  An inconvenience, a bad idea or ..... the best thing since sliced bread?  As a work at home veteran (since I resigned from my 'City' job in 1993) I've experienced most of the good and a little of the not so good aspects of this which I thought I'd share with the doubters among you.

Overwhelmingly good points

  • The view's better

  • You never miss Bargain Hunt!

  • The tools of the trade are always to hand

  • You can take a walk whenever you like (great for inspiration and wearing off the effects of the snacks and drinks) so you can breathe in fresh air, not smog, other folks' aromas or recycled stuffiness

Not so great  
  • Housework is never far away BUT I do resist the temptation!

  • Loneliness - immediate remedy is to talk to cat, dog or guinea pig but in the event of serious issues arising requiring consultation with like-minded individual arrange outing to South Coast to meet with fellow crafty friend.  Particularly recommended is Eastbourne where you can indulge in fabric heaven at Owl and Sewing Cat ( - here's what I made from some of their fabulous fabric 

See the Lavender Heart Facebook page for more crafty makes.

Well, this is all for now - we have the Derby Festival approaching this coming weekend which transforms our quiet road - watch this space for pics!
Lots of love


  1. Yes! I completely agree with you, with regards to working at home! The only problem I had, were some of my friends who assumed that 'working at home' was the same as 'having an unlimited amount of free time' and constantly turned up with a string of distractions! sigh! haha. It's definitely something I want to go back to in the future though! I hope you're well. Axx

  2. You are right Amy, lots of people don't understand it. When I ran my finance businesses I did find the lack of a colleague much more relevant but now I have lots of people I can bounce ideas off and get more done here than say I would in a studio. We're pretty good at the moment.