Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Rainy days and Mondays

As an apt follow-up to my last post on working at home I've realised a further big advantage today (Monday) when it's pouring down and very dull - you don't have to go OUT to work.  As I also have to wait in for a parcel today it seems the perfect opportunity to write another blog to tell you all about my work in progress.

Little bits of knitting

As part of my crusade to sort out my yarn stash I thought I would make a little knitted flower from each yarn as I rearranged the overflowing cupboards.  This is the result so far and I'm not even half way through!

There are 100 little flowers which are awaiting centres and brooch pins to become very special gift tags.  I sold out of these at the Craft in Focus Christmas Contemporary Craft Fair at Wisley Gardens last November so am restocking for this November's fair (

I'm also working on a special commission for a friend.  Her daughter is getting married this summer and she wants to give her a knitted bride and groom as a souvenir.  This is proving to be a real challenge as I'm trying to replicate as far as possible what they are going to wear..  So far I've made the groom's body and trousers.  The daunting task of working the bride's dress awaits!

Little felt folk

It's never too early to start making your Christmas stock so here are some of my gingerbread men cut out and sewn ready for their jumpers and decorations to make Gingie 2012.  This year the yarn for their hand-knitted jumpers is being specially dyed by Beth Sutherland of Luscious Little Somethings (  I shall also be making more of the gingerbread bunting which sold out last year and more Flippos (the penguin).  These will also incorporate Beth's luscious yarn.

Little bits of yarn

I do love miniature things so when I spied some mini skeins on Folksy from Rosy Retro ( I just had to have some.  I've knitted them into small corsages and sewn some pretty floral ceramic buttons into the middles.  There was enough left from each skein to knit one tiny flower.

Little bits of fabric

My stock of greetings cards is looking rather depleted so I've just ordered some lovely new fabrics from one of my favourite shops, Quilty Pleasures in Brighton.  You can find them online at ( .  One of my choices was the charm pack California Girl which has some very pretty florals in it and I think some of these other fabrics will work well as background for some pictures I'm planning.

Little charms

In my half term tidying session I came across these little charms which I bought on a crafty shopping trip with my friend Ann.  My idea is to incorporate them into cards or pictures by embroidering some potted plants around them.

LOTS of networking

My Lavender Heart Facebook page is gradually gaining likers and I will be using it regularly to post pictures of new makes so if you want to see them as they are produced click that 'Like' button.  I'm now using Folksy (the shop is Aliscrafty) where you'll find some sunhats listed and will be using Etsy to showcase some new products too.  I'm also on Twitter (@Aliscrafty) - rest assured I don't tweet about what I had for breakfast, it's for matters crafty - which has proved to open up a whole new world of contacts as well as a forum for communicating with crafty pals.

Back to work now.
Lots of love


  1. Now I feel like I should be making Christmas stuff too and haven't even booked any fairs yet!

  2. Hope you'll visit me at Wisley again. As last year I try to plan ahead but it remains to be seen if it works!