Friday, 4 January 2013

New year - new resolutions

Well, it's that time of the year, isn't it?  So I thought I'd take a look back at my first post of 2012 - New Year - Resolutions or not and see what I managed to achieve and then look forward to some of my aims for 2013.  Are you sitting comfortably?

A was for ANIMAL BUNTING.  This did come to fruition in a collaboration with my daughter who did the animal drawings and has proved popular as a nursery decoration.  We're working on a couple of new designs for 2013.

B: well I did do the BUNTING and my BLOGGING frequency improved but still some work to do .....  I'm planning a quick Monday update for 2013 as well as the normal posts.

C for CORSAGES - they are still one of my most popular products and were enhanced this year by using hand-dyed yarn from +Luscious Little Somethings - fabulous colours and textures.  Going to make more CUSHIONS this year.

D - I did do a new DRAWING for Bunbury Bunny and made a special version in celebration of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee which sold out at the CRAFT IN FOCUS Spring Fair at Wisley.

E reflected my debate on whether to open an ETSY shop.  I did and was impressed by my experience but it was difficult to maintain it whilst beavering away on stock for my autumn fairs.  It's here and will be revived shortly with lots of new products.

F was for FABRIC.  I bought from several new sources this year including Quilty Pleasures in Brighton (whose fabrics were really popular in my greetings cards).  We started our fabric hunt at a quilting fabric sale at Farnham Maltings and will be wending our way down there again on January 13th to search for new stock.  FLIPPO the felt penguin proved popular again in 2012 but is on a visit to the Antarctic next year so SIMON THE SNOWMAN will be journeying back from the North Pole to take his place in the 2013 Christmas collection.

G - GINGIE was even more popular this year so will be reappearing for Christmas 2013 in a new jumper and with a decoration inspired by an idea from a very young customer at Wisley in November.

H:  This year I really indulged myself in HAND-DYED YARNS - principally from Beth at Luscious Little Somethings  They are truly inspirational.  I'm about to list some of the HANDBAG MIRRORS in my Etsy shop.  The mirrors themselves are silver-plated and nestle in hand-knitted cases with fabric linings.  They make a lovely gift and come boxed so easy to post.

I was for INJABULO whose Incomparable buttons I love; they inspired some lovely embroidered pictures this year.  I also made an IPAD cover and will be working on some MINI IPAD ones soon.

J: the JOY of making is still there you'll be pleased to know!

K inspired KINDLE covers which were adorned with some fabulous new buttons from STOCKWELL CERAMICS.  Have realised I am probably addicted to KNITTING!  In 2013 K will also stand for KITS - I'll be starting with the Christmas felt characters and - especially for two lady customers at Sparkle - a bunting kit.

L is still for LAVENDER HEART - there will be some significant changes to the website coming soon so bear with me!

M - MELISSA'S CERAMICS butterflies still form the foundation for some of my textile pictures and the floral buttons sit prettily on my corsages.

N: NEW DESIGNS are always important in any business - I'm experimenting with two new Christmas related products for next year - keep watching!  As these will be more complex I'll be offering the opportunity to order in advance.

O - well the OYSTER CARD HOLDER made its way to the autumn fairs I attended - I'll be putting some on the website soon - just need to keep knitting ...  We loved the OLYMPICS and PARALYMPICS but it proved to be impossible to produce games-related products due to the licensing restrictions.

P - the PURSES have proved popular and will be a permanent part of the collection now - some new designs coming shortly.

Q was and is for QUALITY not QUANTITY which is synonymous with handmade.

R: as well as the ROSE-FILLED BAGS I made some pretty ROSE corsages to dress up some sunhats.  One of my followers has suggested selling these pretty corsages separately too so they'll be added to the 2013 selection.

S - the SHIPS didn't quite reach the harbour but it's an idea I still love so hoping to include them in my Christmas 2013 products.

T - I did add some knitting to my TEXTILE GREETINGS CARDS this year in the form of little butterflies made from hand-dyed sock yarn from Rosy Retro (another lovely Etsy discovery).  This year I have sold lots more of the frames I had made to fit the cards so they are proving to be good keepsakes.  I'm thinking of adding another size and possibly another style in 2013.

U - the UNRAVEL show is on at Farnham Maltings on 23rd and 24th February 2013 and if you love yarn and knitting is well worth a visit.

V - finally invested in a new VACUUM CLEANER to gather up the bits of thread and yarn.

W, X, Y and Z - nothing new there!

So the end of the alphabet and the beginning of a new year.  My main resolution is TO BE MORE ORGANISED!  But having exhibited at one or two less than successful shows I'm going to be restricting myself this year to those that are focussed on handmade - in Britain - and to increase my online presence.

As always I welcome comments, feedback, ideas for new products and visitors at shows - it's lovely to hear from you.  I wish you a very happy and healthy 2013.

Lots of love

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