Monday, 18 February 2013

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry - a treasury of literary inspirations

You know what it's like on those dull damp drizzly days in February - you just want to snuggle up on the sofa with a cuppa and lose yourself in a book, preferably one to lift your spirits.  The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce is just such a book.  Not only does it tell the story of one man's journey - in both a physical and a psychological sense - it is filled with the most beautiful descriptive language I've come across in a long time.  I loved every word.

As you know I've recently relaunched my Etsy shop and as part of this new beginning I joined an Etsy team -    Craft Britannia - which supports and promotes UK sellers.  It's always difficult to work out the best way to explore (there are over 450 members!) so I've used the book's inspiring descriptions to see what I could find and here are the results in my Literary Inspirations Treasury.

'pinky grey'
This lovely cushion is one of many fantastic designs in this shop .  Sarah the owner must be lovely too as she and I share a birthday!

'startling yellow clouds of forsythia'
I love ceramics and this shop is full of gorgeous designs and has gifts to cover every occasion in prices to suit every pocket.

'russet cloud'
There are so many pretty things in this shop you're spoilt for choice  With Mother's Day coming up this could be the ideal destination for a special gift.

'forget-me-nots shone in pale pools'
This bracelet matched the words so perfectly I wouldn't be surprised if the author had been taking her inspiration from this shop!

'irises were a watery blue'
The owner of this shop is very talented - beautifully painted fabrics to wear and dress your home.

'deep red peonies opened like tissue paper creations'
This card is part of a floral collection of 3D decoupage cards in Sue's shop  There are also beautiful crystals and jewellery to tempt you.

'flakes of cloud'
Vicky is a very talented artist and seamstress.  She makes such cute baby bibs and bandanas.  If you need a present with a difference for a newborn this is the place to shop

'soft mist rose, like wisps of smoke'
I would love to buy some of these hand-crafted buttons to use in my corsages.  Take a look at Susan Sharpe's lovely shop for buttons and more.

'polished silver light'
Another book I really enjoyed was Anita Shreve's Sea Glass - this seashore find features in this beautiful necklace by Zoe of who combines silver and glass to great effect.

'dress of blossom'
Another talented seamstress Tori creates very special baby clothes in lovely fabrics.  Take a look at her shop

'tulips grew in pert rows'
This is such a fantastic idea - a gift card holder - one of many brilliant designs from - lots of pretty paper designs.

'sun poured like warm liquid'
I have to admit I pretty much love everything in this shop  The colours are amazing and I love using hand-dyed yarns and threads - just trying to see how I could use the lace too!

'the morning sky was a single blue'
Usually I am drawn to yarn which is shaded or variegated but this is just such a beautiful colour and I could imagine gazing into the sky when I found it.  More gorgeous colours and yarns available from this lovely shop

'drift of petals'
Amazingly made and amazingly beautiful.  No wonder it was an Etsy front page item.  Find more beauty here

'luminous clarity'
These earrings are a fascinating mix of tatting and beads.  Tatting is very difficult (I tried it once) and deserves a wider following.  Take a look at Heather's other lovely work here

'deep velvety black'
You know how difficult it is to find the perfect gift for a man - well, I rather think these would be it.  There's a great selection for the motorsport-inspired chap here

The sun's come out now so if you fancy your cuppa curled up in the windowseat buy or download a copy of this book and you won't be disappointed.  And after the sun's set have a mooch around these shops.  Maybe take a look at mine too.  Now the sun's here I can take some more photographs and upload more goodies for you.  It's here

Lots of love as always and thanks to my new team and Rachel Joyce for providing the inspiration for this blog.



  1. Lovely post and lovely selections from the CB team members. Very cleverly curated. Congratulations

  2. Great blog, thanks for featuring my necklace! I'm going to the library later today so I'll be looking up Rachel Joyce.

  3. Thank you for your lovely comments! I really enjoyed putting this together.

  4. This is a really innovative blog post - love the linked your easy finds to reading !