Sunday, 11 December 2016

From pink elephants to gold poinsettias - how one thing led to another

In November I was lucky enough to exhibit with Craft in Focus at the Royal Horticultural Society's garden in Wisley.  It was an amazing fair full of the most stunning work all of which is produced in Britain by the exhibitors.  As well as being a feast for visitors' eyes it's also a great opportunity for them to talk with the exhibitors - about their work and what inspires them - and to commission unique items for special occasions.

And so it was that a pink elephant came about.  This year I've made cards for children by appliqueing animals onto fabric backgrounds.  Elephants - not surprisingly - have been popular.

But so have jungle creatures and ponies.

One of my customers loved the background fabric on this pony card but wanted a bright pink spotty elephant instead.

As luck would have it I'd run out of bright pink polka dot fabric so last Sunday took a ride over to Creative Quilting in Hampton Court to restock.  A brilliant dotty fuschia fabric was perfect but - as any fabriholic knows - one colour is never enough so I had to pick up a few others just in case someone commissioned a rainbow herd of elephants!

Here's the result!

While there I was drawn to a lovely Robert Kaufman collection, Valley of the Kings, full of stylised flowers in jewel like colours.  This turquoise and gold design jumped out at me because turquoise is the gemstone for December and I hadn't yet designed a flower of the month card ...

After finishing off my Wisley commissions this week I had time to pick up this gorgeous fabric again. Many sites quote Holly or Narcissus as the birth flower for December but some also mention Poinsettia and this showy plant seemed more fitting for the fabric - it also means 'be of good cheer' which seems a good message for this time of the year.  Not perhaps the right colour though ...

But this one is!  A new poinsettia called Gold Rush is being grown and it's gorgeous!

So December's flower of the month card is a crocheted gold poinsettia (based on a pattern from Caitlin Sainio's book 100 Lace Flowers to Crochet) set on this fabulous fabric.

So there you have it - how a pink elephant led to a gold poinsettia.  Listing for the flower of the month card in my Etsy shop is here  If you'd like a pink elephant or even a rainbow herd just email me on

Have a very merry Christmas.
See you in 2017

Lots of love

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